3 Day Cleanse

This morning I started my 3 day cleanse from South Block. I've done a lot of research on cleansing and I think it has a lot of benefits. It's not going to help you drop the freshman 15 or work like a colonic, but there are benefits that aren't that widely promoted.

Before you make a decision about anyone's opinions, it's important that the opinions have some credibility. As a certified nutritionist who grew up on food from the Health Food store, I began learning about this stuff from an early age. I also spent a few weeks in Thailand doing an intense cleanse and have read almost 100 books on the subject so I'm not some fitness wannabe advocating drinking green because it's the hot trend. There is a method to my madness.

A 3 day cleanse is great for when you have been eating junk and clean your diet. I've also found its been great when I'm feeling sluggish and need more energy. Often times all the packaged goods are void of the nutrients we need so a cleanse will help inspire you to eat more vegetables and fruits. 

So here I am finishing day one. I had 6 drinks and the last one is the yummiest! I started off the day with a 7 mile run on an empty stomach and I usually eat before I run, so that made my recovery tougher. I had a drink #1 but then did not have another drink for 5 more hours. Because there had been so much time between drinks and I had ran this morning, I was really fatigued and took a nap. I spent 90 minutes moving heavy stuff which turned out to be really exhausting but somehow I still managed to make it to the gym to get in 20 minutes on the stepmill and 20 minutes of Core work and stretching. I did have some fresh cherries which helped keep me awake and some green beans. But overall my skin is glowing and I am excited that I survived day 1 of the South Block cleanse!  #mypowermoment


Day 1 of South Block Cleanse

Day 1 of South Block Cleanse