I have the amazing opportunity to create a new cycling program. After 16 years of teaching, 69 certifications, hundreds of conferences, thousands of miles on a bike, I get to take everything I've learned and create a dynamic, fun, sweat-inducing cycling program. Creating something new is extremely fun but the real work goes into being able to teach and communicate it effectively. 

As I look back on my experiences, I realize that failure has been an integral part of my success. I grew up dancing in my pajamas and even with formal dance training, I still had to spend several hours practing rhythm with the choreography for my cycle classes. Even after running 22 marathons, I still have days where I feel like 3 miles is impossible. I can remember puking on a run and having the worst ever sinus attack where I could barely keep my eyes open during a spin class.

Rather then let my failures define me, I used them to reassess my situation and make the necessary changes. I remind myself that I'd be bored if it was easy. I now understand it is the hard work that has given me confidence and made me a better person and instructor.

Don't worry about failing. Sometimes it's just the medicine you need to remind you that more focused efforts will help you achieve the desired results. Use your failures as motivation to be the best person you can be.

In Health and Happiness.

Miss Madeline

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Breaking through the barriers

Breaking through the barriers